Academics Facilities

Future Flying School boast of some of the best academic facilities to give our students the utmost support to learn in the best way possible. We have taken every care that the latest technology is being used to provide student with real life experience.

School Library

: The school has separate well-equipped libraries for the Primary & Senior
Sections.The libraries have open book shelves for easy access.
The Junior Library has a wide variety of colourful books to attract
the young readers and satisfy their curiosity. The Senior
Library boasts of a wide variety of subject related reference
books together with fiction and non fiction. An Internet Café
provides internet facilities and on-line classes.

Language Labs:

Promoting many national and international languages to our students the school has a unique language lab which is used for training students with correct pronunciations of tougher words. The languages taught through this lab are English, French, Hindi.

Computer Lab:

With computer education an essential part of modern day living,
it has become the priority of the school to make students and teachers
computer savvy. The school has 3 Computer labs for the Primary, Middle & Senior sections with 22 computers each to equip the staff & students.
Special courses on animation, graphic designing as well programming concept with computer language etc. apart from regular syllabus are imparted. Teachers are given special training in MS Office to bring in more efficiency.